Sunday, September 21, 2014

Joy Alukkas Collection in Qusais, Dubai

Happy Sunday! 
I have been looking around for some gem stones for the purpose of making a ring.
So I went scouting around some popular jewellery stores in Dubai. Joy Alukkas stores are all over the world now. When we were growing up, it was simply called Alukkas and they had simple collections then. I usually do not know what to do when I get into a jewellery store. But this time I enjoyed browsing.

These are just some of the various collections of bracelets, earrings, rings, chains that they have show cased.

Gold jewellery is a favourite among women. So guys, do take note and don't miss an opportunity at gifting your loved ones with the precious metal. I am not a greedy person but I love gold ornaments. I regularly wear a thin plain gold bangle each on my hands. I just like the feel of them. They are just the simplest gold bangles that I have ever seen and light weight. When I was younger I was not fond of gold at all, somehow since it's a strong metal, my fondness for it has grown. I love glass bangles too :)

If you enjoy seeing jewellery posts, I will try to feature them regularly.

Have fun :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jaico Publishers & author Mehrab Irani launch finance fiction genre with Mad Money Journey


Jaico Publishing, the pioneers of English paperbacks in India delved into the new genre of finance fiction with their new book Mad Money Journey authored by Mr. MehrabIrani, the General Manager of Tata investment Corporation. Acclaimed by the corporate luminaryRatan Tata himself, the book was launched amidst much fan fare in the presence of veterans RakeshJhunjhunwala and funny man Cyrus Broacha.

Interacting with the press and guests alike, Mr. Mehrab spoke at length on his motive behind the book while Funny man Cyrus Broacha kept the audience in splits with his humorous banter. RakeshJhunjhunwala moved the guests with his inspirational speech.

Mr. Mehrab Irani is the ​General Manager of TATA Investment Corporation and has a large amount of experience in both equity and fixed income markets. He is a regular figure on channels like NDTV, CNBC TV 18, ET Now etc besides writing columns for many a business publications in his 15 year long, prosperous career.
Mad Money Journey is a book that deals with the financial emancipation of an average Joe. It is a story filled with adventure and mystery that delves into the very soul of the relationship between man and money.

In today’s day and age, managing money and finances is a thought that scares people from every walk of life from a college student to a working professional, author MehrabIrani presents finance in an entertaining way to his readers in his book ‘Mad Money Journey’.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Festive Hampers from Iraya

Glow Gorgeous with Luxe Festive Hampers from Iraya
The festive season is here again! Get yourself festival ready with gorgeous beauty hampers from Iraya, to give your skin that much needed radiance. If you are stuck for gifting options for your dear ones, pamper them too with Iraya’s careful selection of festive products. Leave a lasting impression on your corporate clients and dazzle your employees with these beauty goodies.
Iraya’s hamper packed with your festive favourites will not disappoint you. A complete skincare solution for a blissful glow, the hamper includes Saffron Elixir, Kumkumadi Facial Oil, Mandinta Ubtan, Grapes & Green Apple Shower Gel, and Basil & Mint Balancing Face Wash. Besides, Iraya is also offering the option of customizing the festive hampers with the products of your choice, thereby taking care of all your needs.

Come, indulge in the festivities with Iraya!

Hamper Price: INR 2500 onwards

Basil & Mint Balancing Face Wash 150 ml Rs.345
Purifies & balances gently, removing excess sebum & impurities.

For nomal to oliy skin • basil, mint & molucca beans

Grapes & Green Apple Shower Gel 250 ml Rs.295
Cleanses and balances the skin

For all skin types • mimosa, sarsaparilla, juice of grapes and green apple

Saffron Elixir 50 gm Rs.695
Kumkumadi in a water-based gel, perfect for daily use

For Normal to Oily skin • Pure Saffron and 25 precious Ayurvedic herbs

Kumkumadi Facial Oil 10 ml Rs.995
Kumkumadi Taila in it's purest form. Ideal for facial massage.

For normal to dry skin: Pure Saffron and 25 precious Ayurvedic herbs

Mandinta Ubtan (Exfoliating Scrub) 50 gm Rs.345
Deep cleanses,detoxifies and refines the pores.

For normal to oily skin • sweet fennel & 9 other herbs

Available at:
Available at Oxford Bookstore, Religare,,,,,, and various retail locations across India.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Huges saving on travel gear at Flipkart. Hurry!!

Am crazy about travel gear. To the point of madness. I am always stopped by my family from going into bag showrooms and shopping online for them. Because I would shop away but I am serious. I love to get handy little suitcases that are extremely light weight and that can fit everything I need when I travel within it's four walls. It's like taking my little bit of home and comfort along with me. We travel rough so I need my comfort zone stored in my bag :)

So when I got a mail today from Flipkart announcing the sale, I thought I must share it with you.

Here are some of my favourite picks.
Buy American Tourister Velocity Expandable  Cabin Luggage - 21.3 inch: Suitcase
American Tourister Velocity Expandable Cabin Luggage - 21.3 inch
Buy Reebok Yoga STR Grip 27.5 inch Gym Bag: Duffel Bag
Reebok Yoga STR Grip
Buy United Colors of Benetton 20 inch Travel Duffel Bag: Duffel Bag
United Colors of Benetton 20 inch Travel Duffel Bag

Buy Lotto Sprint Backpack: Backpack
Lotto Sprint Backpack
Buy American Tourister Buzz 12 Laptop Backpack: Backpack
American Tourister Buzz 
Buy Travel Blue Folding 12 L Backpack: Backpack
Travel Blue Folding 12 L Backpack

Need travel gear,  check out their ongoing discount here

What is your favourite travel bag? Do leave me a comment in the comment box below as I am very keen on getting excellent light-weight luggage. :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mysore Sandal's Rose Incense Sticks Review

Mysore Sandal's Rose Incense Sticks
Calm moments to one self in the early hours of the morning and the late evening when things slow down and you gather all your thoughts and energies.
It's a preparation for conclusion or start of a ritual like meditation and without burning some incense, it somehow does not feel complete for me.
My ritual of prayer is very simple, I clean my lamp, I light it and I pray/meditate. The conclusion of it all is when I burn incense. It's a silent marker that I have completed my day in the evening.
But most Indian incense sticks are very unrefined and loaded with chemicals. I have been searching for quite a while for some natural forms of incense but unable to find any yet.

In the search for natural incense sticks, I was led to buying this particular brand.
Mysore Sandal is a well understood brand in our country.
This box contains 20 sticks. 
They look like regular incense sticks and they are.
Before burning them they have a faint smell of rose but upon burning, it 
gives out a chemical odour mixed with rose. It does affect my nose and allergies so I will not
be able to use this for I am quite sensitive to this type of smell.
It is not terribly strong like most other brands but I am still not able to tolerate it. So I burn and leave it in my garden outdoors.

MRP Rs.16

I am still on to my search. For in a country like ours, how can we not have organic incense sticks. I have heard a whole lot about Shoyeido brand in Japan and hope they start sales out here. Atleast, I could try them out.

Shoud I resort to burning leaves instead? What do you do for natural incense? I would love to read your comments on this.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Biotique Bio White Advanced Fairness Face Wash Review

If there is one Indian brand that I would have to pick out for all my toiletry needs at gun point, it would have to be a toss between Biotique and Himalaya but I have tried most Biotique products so I would know exactly what would work for me from their range and so the answer would be, 'I choose Biotique'.

So, when they launched these new range of face washes recently, I had to had to get my hands on them. I bought two products from their 'fairness' range and this is the face wash.

I like the easy flip cap and sturdy packaging. You can see through the packing to see how much product is left, I like! I like!

I really adore the list of ingredients. It has ritha, chirounji seed, poppy seeds, jasmine(Yum!) and purified water.

It is a very light, peachy fluid.
You need just a bead of it to wash your entire face and neck.
It lathers well, not too generously but it does clean your face nicely.
It has the exact but faint smell of their famous Fairness face pack.
So, I am guessing both products would share a lot of the ingredients.
It is a mild face wash, not the kind that will strong-strippy(yes, we make up new words
along the way) your skin of it's natural balance.
I cannot say that it makes me fair, I have been using it for over three weeks now and
it does brighten my skin but that's what happens instantly when I use any face wash, save
for a rouge few that are filled with chemicals that make me tan more, instead.
This one I can use almost blindly with the reassurance that it is organic.
Over-all I have had a very nice experience using this face wash and am looking to purchase
their pineapple variant next. They also have it in neem, papaya and honey, all of which
I will re-purchase this one too and am glad that it's easy on the pockets as well.

Rs.60 for 50ml
Shelf-life of 3 yrs

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lakme Sun Expert Skin Lightening + De-tan After Sun Face Wash Review

I remember getting this product as a prize in a give-away. I've gotten really lucky at those. Forgot to use it for a long time and it was lying in my stash of to-use products for a long time. Finally, got down to using it in the Dubai heat. The summers are really harsh there and I am glad I took this along so I could put it to the real test.

The product is supposed to be a soothing face wash that effectively cleanses from pores to leave a tingling fresh and clean feeling skin.

It contains cucumber and lemon grass extracts known to soothe and clarify skin.
You can't miss the product, it comes in a bright, almost-canary yellow tube with a flip cap. It's hard to open
this flip cap when you are in the shower. Not too hard, but still hard.
It's a clear, thick, face wash with scrub particles.
You need a very tiny amount as it will lead to a lot of lather if you use a little more than bead sized.
It smells citrusy, nice!
It strips the face of any oil and leaves it squeaky clean but there is something to this that I can't put my finger on, it's very chemical-y.
It leaves you skin feeling cool so it's nice to use on a very hot and sweaty day.
I wouldn't use this if I were prone to dry skin so it's a nod ahead for those with oily skin.
It does nothing to de-tan your skin. So that's not going to help at all.
I had superbly pigmented skin due to the sunshine out there and it does not help one bit in that aspect
but it will give you clean skin.
Does nothing to lighten the skin so there, it's just a regular face wash with tall and false claims.
Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Priced at Rs.145 for 100gm.
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