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Paper Boat Jamun Kala Khatta Review

Kala Khatta

Where's the noun? Who's the adjective? The taste of a colour, the colour of a taste?
Wait, it could be neither....if only I could go back and ask wren, martin and ma'm edwards.

No, that's not my mind thinking, it's what I found on the little dialogue box said by the little purple bird. If it doesn't make sense to you, then you have not read your Wren and Martin Grammar textbooks in school now, haven't you?

I find the concept of Paper Boat really fun and their variety quite mind blowing with very Indian flavours. 

The drinks promise no colours, preservatives or artificial flavours. Which is impressive already.

Coming to the taste of things.

My tall glass of kala khatta was a bit too salty for my taste buds. (I fall into the category of people who have had barely any salt in their regular meals other than for in fries. I still prefer less salted food. )

Add to it the jamun along with sugar. There is also this nice tangy zing to it, the spiciness of jeera comes through more and also a hint of black pepper somewhere. Quite a lot happening in the mouth for words to come out.

The drink tastes just like what the little purple bird is saying. It's very different.

Not as fruity as I would have liked it to be, though.

I expected my tongue to stain purplish like when after you eat the fruit along with this weird after feel on one's tongue but none of that. Which is good, because I usually would end up trying to get that feeling off for a while after chewing a jamun.

Their packaging is really good and attractive. I usually like lingering on to reading everything on a package and there is a lot to read in here so that people like me remain busy and entertained while at it.

The products costs Rs.30 for 250ml pack.

I have some more flavours to present to you but this should hold your interest for now.

I really like how innovative this brand is and wish them more power.

You can check them out here

PR Sample : Opinions are my own 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Live Happily

Copyright: Praseena 2014

There are days when we find our struggles not bearing fruit. We may doubt the course we have taken, the path looks dreary and dusty ahead. Yet, for years we have been walking it. With no signs of victory or a true ending, the kind we hope to see as we do in fairy tales, one tends to get dejected or lose hope. And succumb to it. Dare that happen to you or me.

I was just mulling over my life with a glass of green tea. It could have been wine but I don't drink so the less fruitier alternative. Sometimes, I see more misses than hits or perhaps it could be the other way around but my mind refuses to see it that way. And dare be it the day I am pmsing then all havoc wreaks. Am sure, you may understand some of these feelings. Been there, done that?

So, I like to look at things afresh. Whenever I have encountered a hole which is so wide that one cannot think of anything else but jump in it, I try to draw or make a bridge across it. Yes, I do. I have done it before and I tell myself that even with a lot of effort, I still can do it again. A bridge across to reach safely and with all of me intact.

First and foremost thing I do when I have hit a wall is, I mope. Yes, I give myself one day or at the most one week to do it. I eat crap, I drink soda and then I just start to detox and re-structure.

Next, I start to work out. It really helps me de-stress and get my focus back in life. Without health, one cannot think straight. The brain needs a great workout to push out all the toxins of yesterday to be flushed out and so I usually hit the gym, because I am not one of those people who will get up and go for a walk. If you are, then good for you. Take that walk. Everyday. Start to eat healthier, drink lots of water and do all the rights things for your health.

So, while I start building up my health, some plans eventually start to fall into place. It certainly does.
I do not lose sleep on these things. Infact, I sleep more, I sleep better. I work on my life goals before I turn into bed and I let my guard down, I rest. While I rest my subconsious state is at work, figuring things out and sometimes, the next day I tend to hit upon a brain wave. Some form of direction and it helps to work towards the direction inching bit by bit.

I like to read. Do what you like to do. Do not let someone else stop you from doing it. If you like to draw, then grab a sketch book and do it. What does it take, an hour in your day or less. Just do it. Feel good about what you like to do. Last month I managed to finish two books, not academic. And I haven't read in years unless I have a gun pointed at me right before exams. This felt so good, I got to tell ya. I keep my books by my bed-side table. Another thing that has really helped me to read is creating an account on 
It's an amazing site where you get to update the pages of the book you are reading, take notes and read reviews of books you are reading or wanting to read. You get great book recommendations. I am sure more of you have heard of it. That site makes me happy!

Get all the clutter out. Organize your room. Give away things you are not using or have not used in six months and will never use. If you have no place to store it or use it, leave it. Let go. Give it to someone who can start using it immediately or atleast re-purpose it. Be free. Let stuff go. The minute your living area and work space starts to look cleaner and clutter-free, the sooner you will start to feel lighter.

Do not buy and hoard things. Before you go hitting the spend button on discounts and excesses online, think for a minute or two. Do I really need this? Do I really, really need this? Where will I keep it? Also, if you can clean it, buy it. Else forget about it. Don't buy it to store it because you are not going to need it if you are going to lock it away somewhere.

Know that anything is possible, you just need concentrated effort and focus on it. And it can be done.

If something's not helping you, let go of it. Set it free. Set yourself free.
Be happy, always smile. Try to avoid arguements with loved ones over petty issues. 

The hurricane in Andhra, Orissa set me off thinking. I pray for the souls of the people living there and hope that the worst is over.

I do think of this every few years. How to live happily? Because what is the purpose of life, when you cannot hold on to it, happily? Is it worth living a sad life, filled with fear? Help as many people as you can along the way. Make time for others. Do not be rude to people, be kind. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.

Be happy people. Work towards it if you are not there yet.



Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mangalore Blog expertise required

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

It's quite sometime since I've been trying to tweak the website design and figure a way to monetize the blog. If I could figure the best way out, I would have done it by now.
But here's where I need help. If you are from Mangalore and if you can share some of your time with me to help improve my blog and figure out blog monetization, as I really have not much of a clue regarding this, I could really use your help.

Please let me know, you may email me at or post in my comments below, whichever you prefer.
Any help would be appreciated.

I know most of you tell me to just tinker along the web and figure it out myself but it's taking me time. I need specific videos, tutorials, tips, anything.....and if you are from Mangalore, it's all the more better for me. I like taking things in my own hand and having it all under my control. Right now, I can't say much about that.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Tramontina Dynamic Steak Knife Review

Hola! Today I was busy cooking. So I thought I would review something close to my kitchen's heart :)
I recently purchased this Tramontina Steak knife. I was so ecstatic to see this Brazilian range of knives here in India. I noticed them at Auchan hypermarket first. I just had to have them then and there. I chose the steak knife, they had a good discount running so it just made me pick it up instantly.
My love for Tramontina is no secret. The first time I discovered it was two years ago. When my sister was caring for her infant, I went over to help her out. In those days it was very hard to cook food with so much work on our hands, that we decided to employ a chef. The chef was from Sri Lanka, he would visit our home each evening with his sweet wife.
We'd give him a menu daily and he would prepare things swiftly. He would do the chopping and his wife would put the dish together.
One day when I happened to go to the kitchen , I saw him swearing and throwing the knife we had in the air. He was so frustrated and I asked him what was wrong. He said it was not professional quality and that they were used only to professional quality knives in their sous kitchen at a very fancy hotel in Dubai. So I asked him what knife he wanted and he described a white knife by the name of 'Tramontina' He said it was made in Brazil and that it was superb.
I purchased the knife he had asked me to. Boy, was it sharp!! He knew what he was talking about. The knife slid through countless onions, tomatoes and herbs like a seasoned chef. It was a marvel to use and I was thanking my stars that I came across this marvel. I mean who would think that a knife could make all that difference. But it did and it did so well!!
So imagine, my excitement when I saw this here. I chose the one I wanted carefully. I could not find the particular white knife that we had got earlier but settled for this one.
I have to say from the very start of using this I was sorely and extremely disappointed. It was absolutely not worth the purchase and I felt like I was ripped off.

I always check the labels before buying and sure enough it said made in Brazil. Sure enough, I decided to just keep this at the back somewhere or just use it for minor chopping work. It's absolutely no where close to the knife I had in mind. So I suggest if you want a knife, stay away from this particular one. It is not sharp enough and I would prefer other steak knives over this one.

What is your favorite knife brand? Do let me know in the comments below. I love collecting kitchen tools.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 An education portal review

Education is a colossal part of our early lives. It is what forms us.
Usually we do not have a say in where we go to school or college, for the most of us.
All of us get scooted to classes and courses that our parents want us to follow and we are forced into it because they PAY for it. After my tenth grade, I was given a choice to opt for streams- science, commerce or arts. I wanted to go with Commerce because my best friend was going for it but in my heart of hearts I wanted to study Arts because that's where my passion lies but I knew that both these options would be looked down upon by my family. My meek attempts at not wanting to take up Science was thrashed  as I was pushed into what looked like GOLD for them- the over-hyped SCIENCE stream. With a heavy heart and no idea of what colleges to look for after school, I just joined whatever college they forced me into. That was my time. Now things have changed. I hope.

When I came upon collegedunia, the teenager in me got over-excited and I was so happy to see a one-stop education portal for students who are searching for favorable institutes all across the country. God bless the soul of the founder.

It is heartening to see the development of this educational website and even more heartening to see that it is based in India. We have the best of teachers, academics, students, learning curve, you name it - we have it. It's just that the accessibility was always far and wide so it was not easy to explore a disorganized array of streams sprinkled all over the internet or discussed by word of mouth.
It's not the case now though as this portal showcases neatly classified courses along with the duration you can spend on the course- For eg, options like full time, part time, distance education and on campus learning categories are simple to locate on their page easily.

User interface is a breeze with ease of use and categories that are spread among various streams.
It is so simple to find the course and college you are bound to join. There is a mighty search bar placed right in the center(almost) of the page, you cannot miss it.

Let me take you through an example. Since I am a medico, I decided to look at the Medical Options provided. I just click on the category 'Medical' and choose 'full time'. Lo and behold, of the two options that they have listed out, one was my own alma mater- Manipal. I am sure they will be adding up more options really soon under Medical.

When you click the University you would like to review, it shows the year of establishment, location, contact number, email address of the institution, option to ask a question to the counselor, the approvals met by the college, amenities, alumni details and so much more. I like how detailed it is. Will be very useful to understand the nature of the institute.

I think because of the in-depth description of each of the colleges that are currently listed under them , they have not yet provided the massive list of colleges that are present in the country yet. But I am sure they are working on it. Over time, I expect to see majority of the colleges listed under each category.

All in all, it is so much easier to come to a site that is all encompassed with details than seperately search each university and website over google to gather most of the important facts yourself.
Collegedunia makes you clear that hurdle easier and I hope there will be a larger listing on their database in the coming few days and months.

From what I have gathered regarding the missing colleges in the data base,
the site was  launched recently, last month, and it aims to be the leading educational classified portal in India.
Sahil Chalana, the founder of collegedunia, has mentioned that they currently have information regarding 15,000 colleges and universities presently and would be able to cover 30,000 by the end of this year. Way to Go!!

They have their team working with the sole purpose of providing high quality content on Cut Offs, Placements, Admission, Festivals and even minute details like course intake, fees, reservation etc

I sure wish them all the best in their mighty undertaking and hope all future college students and parents benefit from this wonderful educational initiative.

Currently listed streams cover Management, Medicine, Arts, Engineering, Commerce, Law, Architecture, Agriculture, Civil Aviation, Computer Application, Fashion Design, Hotel Management, Mass Communication and Vocational Courses.

It really is a breeze to be able to find so many courses in one site.

They also have a News feed that is updated regularly categorized under 'News'.

Why don't you sign up with them? It's better to receive their mails directly to your account and stay informed.

I am sure it's not just us students but also anxious parents who are looking for the best place to provide the best education for their child, who will benefit from this portal.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Joy Alukkas Collection in Qusais, Dubai

Happy Sunday! 
I have been looking around for some gem stones for the purpose of making a ring.
So I went scouting around some popular jewellery stores in Dubai. Joy Alukkas stores are all over the world now. When we were growing up, it was simply called Alukkas and they had simple collections then. I usually do not know what to do when I get into a jewellery store. But this time I enjoyed browsing.

These are just some of the various collections of bracelets, earrings, rings, chains that they have show cased.

Gold jewellery is a favourite among women. So guys, do take note and don't miss an opportunity at gifting your loved ones with the precious metal. I am not a greedy person but I love gold ornaments. I regularly wear a thin plain gold bangle each on my hands. I just like the feel of them. They are just the simplest gold bangles that I have ever seen and light weight. When I was younger I was not fond of gold at all, somehow since it's a strong metal, my fondness for it has grown. I love glass bangles too :)

If you enjoy seeing jewellery posts, I will try to feature them regularly.

Have fun :)