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Monday, April 14, 2014

Travel Made Fun

image courtesy Google

You haven't heard a peep from since I have been traveling. Long trips, short trips, road trips, walking. Yes! I am doing it all. :)
I was not the one who liked to travel and got really queasy about journeying. I love visiting places and meeting new friends. But it was always the journeying bit that unsettled me.
Sleeping on another bed, what to wear, testing out my guts eating things that I am not used to and the nausea are the things that make me jittery.
But once we started out, I got to get the hang of it. We started by going to a nearby place - Manipal, that I spoke a bit about 
in my earlier blog post. But then we've been journeying farther. Mostly states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Next stop being another country.
Will reveal more on the travels soon. The thing I missed the most was having a good camera, made do with the Iphone cam for most of the pics.
I hope to get a new cam soon possibly something that could shoot good videos too and I would love for you to suggest something that I can pick up. I don't want to invest in a very expensive one, just something that takes really good resolution pictures clear enough for this blog.
     So you may not hear from me till after the 22nd or so. But I will try to come back as soon as possible because I really miss my blogging family so much!!! 
   And hey!!! I just got the hang of traveling by now, my body's adjusted to it and I've sort of gotten the hang of eating smarter. Just back from a long bus trip and my bones are tired. Need some rest.

Please do suggest a good camera model in the comments below, I will look them up and buy a good model soon.

Meantime, I love and miss you ALL! :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Comments on a post. How important are they?

Don't you find yourself at times reading the comments voraciously more than or as much as a blog post? I do!
Most of the time, I start straying around a post just to read comments and if it's a post that's of paramount importance to me, then I linger on to read comments where people talk about their experiences and add more wisdom to the already existing post. There are also times when I have found a comment more informative than a post itself.
Say for example, you read a passage in a newspaper, online, which carries a report on a chronic condition like psoriasis. Most of the time, people cannot find a cure for it. The post may talk about the general things one already knows about the condition but as you go through the comments, mostly from patients who already have the problem or certain practitioners, you tend to find natural methods of treatment and even cures that have worked for them. This part of information may not be found in the post itself and hence you can see how important it is to have after thoughts and comments to read after a discussion. I truly enjoying reading comments and hence always linger around a topic of discussion to grasp the essence of the post. At times I have also found references to important things, places and people just by reading the comments.
So you can see how much time I spend on reading something online and like to see active and healthy discussions taking place. Ofcourse, it's sad when then comment board is misused and you see unhealthy, choicest of slang being hurled about one another's mothers' who are not even in the picture, but oh heck, I guess people like to release their frustrations online too.
But mostly I just wanted to talk about the pros of commenting and healthy commenting on blog posts and reports. I hope everyone uses and finds the platform useful to them.

ps- I just returned from a nice trip and feel instantly recharged. I visited Palani, Kodaikanal, Nithyananda ashram and few other places on the way. I did get an upset tummy because of eating food at local hotels and eateries but all in all, the trip was good fun. And pps- If you want to escape the Indian summer, head to Kodaikanal, the weather is excellent right now :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

TRESemme Hair Fall Defense Conditioner Review

We expect a conditioner to transform one's hair magically in the shower. With hopes of such transformation, I purchased this along with the TRESemme hair fall Defense Shampoo. I do not have any hair fall, by the way. Just wanted to know what these magical words on the bottle could do for me.

The packaging is white as opposed to the black for the shampoo.
It's a flip open cap that helps to dispense the product.

The product has a semi-thick, gloopy white consistency. No pearlescent shine like the shampoo. It smells of something floral. You can slap it on your hair easily and leave it on for a while to do it's magic.

Leaves the hair moisturized and detangled but doesn't do much for the frizz.
  It does leave my hair bouncy though.
  You do need a lot of this if you have thick and long hair like me, that way the conditioner gets over way faster than the shampoo.
   My expectations were a bit high on this one but oh, never mind! Moving on to better things and the search for the perfect frizz-ender continues.
Might I add that since it's getting extremely humid, I am using all kinds of save-my-hair products these days.

How's the weather where you're at?


Friday, March 14, 2014

TRESemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo Review

When TRESemme launched in India there were one or two variants that I just wanted to get hold of. One was the frizz care range and the other one this. I have no clue why I picked this one up, maybe because I thought I could trick myself into buying this because I would end up trying the frizz care range, anyways. And if disappointed with that then I would have never ended up picking up this, if I were to pick it last.
Funny the way my brain works, huh? It thinks it can trick me into doing stuff and it's mostly stuff that I would do out of curiosity.
Before I sound like a nut job, let's get ahead with my thoughts on this.
 The black packaging was pretty intriguing and with words like Professional Quality drilled on it's label, this shampoo sounds like it's serious business. Having already seen scores of Youtubers' from several countries using it's hair spray in their DIY's, I'd always wanted to know more about it but only got to trying it out fairly recently. Infact, the whole of last year, I devoted my hair care only to TRESemme so when it comes to their entire range I am pretty much the expert. So much expertise had I accumulated, that I am already getting bored with these thing-a-ma-jig black sleek bottles lying around my bath.
 Now how could that possibly happen, you may ask?
Well, for starters when I initially tried it out, I quite liked it. The texture, the suds, the creamy lather but I didn't like the glazed looking texture. I don't like shine in anything that I put on myself. If it is shiny, then it's not natural. Nothing organic glimmers like a natural pearl. SO the glimmer in it sort of put me off at first but I continued using it.

 It's a white, glimmery, liquid silk texture. You do not need little more than a pea sized amount for even really thick and long hair such as mine. It did well for me in the winters and I could easily skip conditioning my hair as it did keep it quite conditioned but my hair only looked good on the second day of wash. It did not just look good, it looked perfect. But then it would be time to wash my hair again, duh!
The fragrance is something floral and talc mixed together.
And the white glimmer, it doesn't add any shine or show up in your tresses, so that's good.

 I did not face much hair fall to start with, so I can't comment much on that aspect. It feels like any other shampoo except for the ones that are really harsh and strips your scalp of all it's natural oils. 
I would rate this an OKAY on the meter and moved on to trying other things in it's range.
It doesn't control any frizz, so that's a bummer. 
However, it leaves my hair BOUNCY!

100ml cost Rs.64

Do you have any favorites from TRESemme that you keep stocking up on?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dove Go Fresh Revive Beauty Bar in Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Review

Don't you just love how they call it Beauty Bar and not Soap. Hmmm...Beauty bar :)
My cousin got this for me from the US when she came here for a holiday and I have not seen this variant here yet.
Dove describes this formula as ultra-light and a hydrating formula which quenches while the lively scents of pomegranate and lemon verbena gently awaken your mind and skin. How refreshing is that?

It truly is a refreshing bar.
After a certain age, I know people over 70's switching from all other brands to just plain Dove soap. Does that not talk volumes about the brand?
I was using the green tea and white variant but I easily get bored and want to try different fragrances and textures all the time. So this was a good replacement.
Packaging is the same as the original except for the hint of pink on the sides of the cardboard. I can smell the scent from outside the box, divine! I am definitely one of those sniffers you see at a department store. What the nose approves, goes into the cart.

The soap is a pale pink. Very soothing colour and the smell is absolutely comforting. Pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits and I expected this to smell tangy but it's not as sharp as the smell of the fruit but certainly enticing enough.

 A very creamy texture just like all other Dove soaps. Lathers well and keeps the skin nourished and moisturized.

Bathing with Dove gives you skin that is always so soft to touch. I usually don't bother with a lotion after shower if I use Dove. Nothing like it to beat the morning blues and wake up your senses to a refreshing clean smell.

I definitely will recommend this to everyone. I give it 5/5 stars.

What's your favourite soap/ beauty bar?

Friday, February 28, 2014

What I ate today for lunch

Eating healthy or trying to most of the time. As summer's set in the craving for lighter and more juicier veggies have set in.
Not very fond of eating too much rice as it's too heavy these days, so I go for just a little over a spoon of it.
As you can see there are 5 varieties of vegetables for lunch today.
Some bitter gourd, a drumstick dish(love drumsticks) and they are really good for you.
Pumpkin stir fried- good for summers as the vegetable has a lot of water.
Little pieces of sweet pumpkin in a sweet and tangy yoghurt sauce with a dash of coconut oil, mustard and some curry leaves. I love this for summer! I had second helpings.
And finally, the heaviest of the lot, green banana kootu which was a tad spicy.
We also drink a lot of lightly spiced buttermilk after our meal.
It's been very hot this week. I don't know what's going to happen as it's just the beginning of summer and I am melting!

Monday, February 24, 2014

And we are back!

I know, I know! I haven't been able to attend to the blog as much because there were some impending things which I had to do.
One of them was exams so that's the reason, I've slacked off in here. I felt I had to give my whole time and energy to do so. Thank you all for being so very supportive.

SSo, I found myself traveling to Manipal and the place doesn't cease to amaze me. It's been this small university town for years and still is. You will find loads and loads of students everywhere. From all fields and parts of the world. Korean, American, Desi, Chinese, Arabs, Malayasians- it's wonderful to see how everyone mixes and forms a little world of their own here. Their own little student world.
We passed Udupi Sri Krishna temple and one more temple built by the Pandavas!! I had no idea what temple that is but I will look it up. I loved the inside of that temple, it was so calm, cool, had this wonderful energy and there wasn't as much crowd in the Pandava built temple compared to Udupi Krishna which was thronged with people. I must visit once again as I was running to give my test. 
It barely took us ten minutes to reach Manipal from there.
Other places of worship:The Anantheshwara and the Chandramouleshwara temples that were built in the seventh or eighth century A.D. in Udupi.
Couple of years back when you go towards Manipal from Udupi you had to climb up this hill. Now, nowhere is that hill to be found. The area has been excavated and filled with tonnes and tonnes of mud on which foundations have been laid and scores of high rises have thronged up there which you can see from a distance. I told my buddy who was driving us that Manipal has so many buildings, he said, 'No way. We are still in Udupi.' 5 minutes later I can see tiger circle and tell him we are already in Manipal. We were all like, where's the hillock gone? It had been completely filled up and made way for those new buildings!!! Wow. I must visit here more often. Rest most of the place looked same except for the new junk food outlets that have cropped up to cater to the student crowd here.
I didn't spend too much time there as I was tired after the whole day and decided to get back home soon. I will come back to Manipal again for another tour soon. I have to spend more time in Udupi. And if you do visit the shrines, please look out for Woodlands restaurant. You have to go downstairs to get to the restaurant. They serve really great vegetarian fare. There is a very modest guest house opposite the road leading to Woodlands, boarding is just Rs.500 per night. Those who want to visit the shrine will find this useful for a stop over or rest.
I didn't go inside and check out the cleanliness but I saw many elderly people as well as students staying there.

I need some sleep as I really need some brain space. See you all very,very soon. I really missed you all :)

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